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Antonelli provides a range of spatulas, scoops and spoons, for serving your ice cream or gelato. Just decide whether you scoop your ice cream or serve with a spatula. If you scoop select the portion size you require. We are still in the process of adding products to this section. If you are looking for a product you cannot find please do speak to your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or contact us.

Look out for our compostable spoons as well as the standard mixed coloured spoons, to do your bit to help the environment and give your customers peace of mind. Spoon dispenser also available with the compostable spoons. See more information on our GREENLINE compostables.

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Black Spoons

Compostable Mixed Coloured Spoons

Cream spoons for Dispenser

Metal Eutectic Scoop 16

Metal Eutectic Scoop 20

Metal Eutectic Scoop 24

Metal Eutectic Scoop 30

Mixed Coloured Spoons Inner

Mixed Coloured Spoons Outer

Portioner metal scoop 100

Portioner metal scoop 16

Portioner metal scoop 20