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A new addition to the flat top sugar cone range
The Tall Sugar Cone

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The only UK manufacturer of waffle cones

 The only UK manufacturer of all types of ice cream cones, wafer cones, sugar cones and waffle cones and the sole UK distributor for MEC3 flavours and ingredients, Antonelli is unique in the industry. As a family company, with the heritage of four generations of making ice cream cones we are passionate about our business.   Supplying high quality products is our forté which is why we provide ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’.  Check out the latest edition to our range - the multicoloured rainbow Harley Cone which adds a point of difference to your ice cream cone selection. Whether we are baking cones or supplying our customers with ice cream ingredients and decorations, our staff both on the road and in the office are only too keen to help ensure your artisan ice cream/gelato ingredients result in delicious tasting recipes every time.  

At Antonelli, ice cream cones, ingredients and decorations are at the heart of our business. Our policy is to add value to your business by supporting customers right from starting an ice cream business, providing ice cream training courses and providing guidance through the ice cream manufacturing process, to presentation, serving and display.  We are so serious about helping new customers learn how to make gelato, as well as experienced artisan ice cream makers refine and advance their skills, that we have set up the Antonelli Gelato Academy and a whole new website specifically focusing on training We are pleased to be able to provide Technical Services to help develop and maximise the taste and texture of your artisan ice cream and gelato and what’s more we love it!

Customers often ask us which cones they should offer.  Traditionally wafer cones were what was expected and in the past there really wasn’t another cone alternative.  Over the past 25 years consumers have become more familiar with ...

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