Ice Cream Training Course Dates

The following pages show our current courses available.  However if you are interested in learning about a specific skill or techique please email us with your request as we can devise new courses to suit individual requests.


The GelBiz training course is centred around setting up a Gelato Business, including consideration of your market position, site, finance, the scale of the business, whether you will be a wholesaler or a retailer, the equipment you will need and factors to consider for your brand design.  We also discuss staffing and what other products or services you might offer in your gelateria, such as coffee, pizza etc. The groups are kept small so that we can address questions specific to your own situation if you wish.

31 July 2017

18 September 2017

So You Want to Make Gelato (SYWTMG)

The SYWTMG sessions cover gelato & sorbet base recipes & flavours, with demonstrations showing you how to make a gelato base and a few flavours. We look closely at balancing recipes so that the best structure and texture is maintained, as well as managing your display cabinet. The groups are kept small so that we can address questions specific to your own situation if you wish.

7 August 2017

4 September 2017

2 October 2017

6 November 2017

4 December 2017

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All you need to know about Gelatisserie and an introdution to making semifreddo desserts.

27 November 2017

Get Started with Semifreddo Cakes 

In addition to learning the elementary skills of how to make a semifreddo cake, we will also consider decoration, customisation & presentation.

24 July 2017

"I attended the Semi-Freddo Cake Course with Antonelli’s in 2016. The course took place at the stunning, Rolandos. The tutor was named Eric and he was fantastic! He had been making such cakes for a very long time and was incredibly experienced.  He was very good at explaining the process in great detail as he was showing the practical steps of making the cakes. He also got us to get involved and we made some also.”  Sulina,  Bedfordshire

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Chocolate Gelato Unwrapped 

There are numerous ways of making chocolate flavoured gelato - we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of them and when each is the best practical option. There will be making and tasting of various tests.

11 September 2017

"Demis was very informative teaching me the formulas for balancing chocolate recipes" Sam, Leicestershire

Better Sorbetto

Sorbet is the ultimate refreshing iced dessert but have you wondered how to achieve a smoother texture and avoid too many ice crystals? Join us for this course where you will learn all the tricks of the trade relating to the production of consistently good sorbets.

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Super Styling

Focusing on the display and presentation of your gelato and ice cream creations. Consumers will purchase by aesthetics, so even if you offer a taste they will have already made decisions based on what they see. Make sure they are 'wowed' by your display cabinet.  This course shows you some different ways to arrange your gelato in each napoli.

15 August 2017

Be Serving Savvy

Serving gelato and ice cream may sound straight forward but how do you decide on the correct portion sizes to satisfy your customer and your accountant and do you serve with a spatula or scoop or a combination according to the cone?

9 October 2017

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Specific ingredients, but seemingly small elements of your gelato can make all the difference to the end result. These courses will help advise you about each of these key elements and the impact they each have on your artisan creation.

Base Jumping

Selecting the right base for your process and gelato flavour.

30 October 2017

Facts about Fats 

The balance of fats and the importance of getting them right for your gelato

11 December 2017

Secrets about Sugars

This course discusses how much sugar to use in your gelato creations and how to create flavours for your diabetic customers.

23 October 2017

Starting with Stabilisers 

Which emulsifiers and stabilisers to use and selecting the right ingredients for a perfect gelato.

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