Progressive Ice Cream Training

Once you have learnt the basics of ice cream or gelato making you may wish to perfect your styles and recipes.  For this we offer our progressive ice cream making courses which run at various times throughout the year depending on demand. These can be arranged on a one to one basis or in a group .  We can focus on devleoping recipes using your local ingredients, including bringing your own milk if desired.  Often these courses are specific to a particular customer's requirements so are bespoke, but where a number of customers share the same interest we can provide the training to small groups.  Topics included in these kind of courses include developing new recipes and using innovative ingredients.

From time to time we also offer a 'Masterclass' which is spread over a few days providing an in depth review of key areas of gelato making with support from MEC 3 and where possbile in conjuntion with an Italian chef provided by MEC3.

If you are interested in taking your gelato making to the next stage please email us.