The Asti Waffle Cone

At Antonelli we are always looking out for new ideas and reacting to the demands of the market place, providing customers with a wide variety of products to suit a range of consumer needs. Whether you are looking for a mini cone suitable for your younger customers with smaller hands, or something at the luxury end of the market dipped in rich chocolate, Antonelli have a cone to suit everyone.  From the simple smooth delicious selection of Smoothy® waffle cones, to the crisp strong Sugaco®, from the fun cones sprinkled with multicoloured sugar strands and our exciting range of sherbet, candy and HoneyCone decorated cones to the ever important wafer and waffle cones - the range is never ending. Our waffle cones have always been very popular and the latest addition to the range will no doubt also prove to be a hit.   Taking its name from the sparkling wine the ‘Asti’ is a tall slim elegant waffle cone with a champagne flute like shape. Its tall aspect will lift your artisan ice cream and gelato to new heights, but with a narrow width it will never over face your customers. Perfect for that light and elegant taste of artisan ice cream, for those with a lighter appetite who wish for a special but elegant treat.

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