Quella® from MEC3

The Quella® family range from MEC3 is one of our favourites as it is so versatile and with so many flavours now available it can be used in lots of different desserts. The Quella® range is soft and easy to use as an inclusion into gelato, at serving temperature it has a luxurious texture that gives a beautiful eating experience. The pumps make it a simple and consistent topping for crepes & waffles.

The Quella® range is also ideal when presenting gelato Cremino style as it is very smooth and so presents well flat. The key feature about these products is that they do not go hard when frozen, which makes it much easier to use and serve. At room temperature the Quella® products are quite runny; allowing for good distribution of the rich flavour using less quantity but still presenting the same taste and visual impact. For more information and advice on how you could use the Quella® range in your gelateria talk to your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager.  See the Quella® range.