Ice Cream Training Courses

It is said that you are never too old to learn.  Our ice cream training courses range from learning the basics for newcomers to the industry, to advanced gelato making for those wanting to refine established skills. We also offer a range of more specific courses, looking at subjects such as chocolate, sorbet and more.  All these ice cream training courses take place at the purpose built Antonelli Gelato Academy at our site in Irlam, Manchester.

If you are unsure if you need training ask yourself if you know the answers to all of these questions:

What is artisan gelato and what is necessary for its production?
What are the fundamental steps that need to be taken before starting? 
What is a business plan and why it is necessary?
What are the basic ideas about how to design a shop?
What do I need in the laboratory?
What equipment do I require?
What original recipes can I create using semi-finished products?
What type of gelato shall I make with what category of ingredients?
How do I produce milk based gelato: cold process & hot process?
How do I produce water based gelato & fruit sorbets?
How do I decorate and display my gelato creations?
How many scoops of gelato do I give per serving?

To find out more about the courses and the dates they are available see our specialist ice cream training website

"All the courses I have attended have been brilliant; the team at Antonelli is so passionate about making gelato.  It is worth taking a course for someone in the business who wants to step up" Sam, Leicestershire

"I would definitely recommend the course … You won’t be disappointed!” Sulina, Bedfordshire