What is so Special About Antonelli Decorated Ice Cream cones?

Antonelli make wafer, sugar, waffle and Smoothy® cones in our bakery in Manchester.  We also decorate our cones in-house too, which means we can quickly react to market demand and respond to particular customer requirements. 

What's more is we use a 'quality' chocolate flavour coating which tastes as good as it looks and keeps its flavour and appearance even when stored out of season*, unlike some of the waxy coatings available from other suppliers.  We believe that every element of the ice cream accompaniment needs to be 'yummy' which is why we make 'Cones for the Connoisseur'.

Decorated cones add a delightful splash of colour and fun to your cones selection and often draw the eye of a passer-by.  Cones are first dipped in dark or white chocolate flavour coating and then rolled in the desired decoration.  Here is a list of the choices we have available.

Classic - Dipped, Nutty, HoneyCone (a selection of Antonelli waffle cones with dark chocolate, peanut nibs or honey comb pieces)

Sweets - EM & EMs, Exploding, Fun  (a selection of Antonelli waffle cones with broken sugar coated chocolate sweets, popping candy or sugar strands)

Sherbet - Cotton Candy, Tropical, Tricolore (a selection of Antonelli waffle cones with various colour sherbet)

If you are interested in a decoration not listed above then please ask us info@antonelli.co.uk.

*providing they are stored at the correct temperature and away from any heat source.