Adding Value with the Antonelli Cheeky Monkey® Wafer Cone

We can give you the key facts about our special Cheeky Monkey® children's cone but the best way to find out why you should stock this wafer cone is to ask our customers who are already using it....

"We've found the cheeky monkey cones to be a great addition to our selection. We use them for our "tiny tot" cones and it's been a great way to appease young children when they aren't allowed a triple chocolate dipped cone! They are strong and sturdy, and have a narrow top making even a half-scoop look a generous size on the cone. It's the ideal cone for childrens ice creams."  Matt, Lincolnshire

So let's tell you a bit more about the Cheeky Monkey® cone from our perspective and why we introduced it.  Childhood obesity and food wastage has been a focus in the media in recent years, so as a provider of indulgent products we thought we should take respsonsibility and encourage ice cream retailers and gelaterias to reduce portion sizes for their smaller customers.  What better way to encourage small children to eat a smaller ice cream than to make a cone designed specifically with them in mind?  

Featuring a childish design on both sides, this is definitely not for grown ups!  With a low centre of gravity, the Cheeky Monkey® cone is easier for a small hand to hold, resulting in a reduced risk of toppling. The design style does not only make it aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to support the ice cream.  The Cheeky Monkey® with its small capacity and narrow head enables you to serve a modest portion, which fills the cone preventing over facing and providing value for money for consumer and vendor alike.  We recommend a 45 scoop - please ask us if you need to purchase one.

Benefits of the Cheeky Monkey wafer cone:

Over the last 20 years portion sizes have generally increased, resulting in our under 5s struggling to eat their ice cream before it melts or topples onto the floor or worse still before Mummy starts helping them!  If you use the Cheeky Monkey® instead of other bigger cones designed for this end of the market, you could save your business 30% in ice cream cost which equates to £30 profit per case of Cheeky Monkey® cones.

You will also experience increased profit as a result of:

  • More large cone sales
  • Less wastage
  • Happier children
  • Happier parents

See the full product details for the Cheeky Monkey®.