Looking for something to differentiate from your competition?...

At Antonelli we have always put quality first which is why we have only ever claimed to make 'Cones for the Connoisseur'.  To that end our in-house bakery makes ice cream cones which taste and look great, whether you eat them with ice cream or on their own.  Baking our own sugar cones, waffle cones and wafer cones in house means Antonelli is the only manufacturer to make all types of ice cream cone in the UK.

As the sole UK distributor for MEC3, we are also proud to be able to offer our customers an extended range of quality ingredients.  We believe that the products we feature here add value to your own range and attract customers to your business. Whether you are starting an ice cream business or experienced in your field, we believe we can add value to your business through quality products and long term customer support.

To further support your business we have created our very own Antonelli Gelato Academy, where we provide demonstrations and ice cream training courses to help those starting an ice cream business, as well as the more experienced gelato makers to achieve gelato excellence.

If you require more information about these or any of our products then ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or contact us.