Maintaining Our High Standards

Maintaining Our High Standards

Over and above the usual hygiene inspections, we are continually striving to improve standards beyond the required level.  We are inspected annually and accredited by SALSA (Safe & Local Supplier Approval).  As bakers of organic products, the  Antonelli bakery is also subject to regular audits by the Soil Association.  


Antonelli is a founder member of the ICA (Ice Cream Alliance) who recognise our outstanding MEC3 flavours at the annual Ice Cream Expo where we regularly pick up awards for new flavours of ice cream. In fact the Antonelli family have a track history of awards not just for products but for dedication to our business.  In 1932 founder member Domenico Antonelli, our Great Grandfather,  was awarded 'Cavaliere' status by the Italian Government for business success and contributions towards the good of the Italian community in Manchester. Similarly his son Romolo, our Grandfather, was also awarded the honour of "Cavaliere' in 1963.  

‘Unsung Hero of the Seaside’

This was the phrase used by Sue Perkins to describe ice cream cones when we were visited by the BBC’s Great British Bake Off team. The clip which featured the history  of ice cream cones was partly filmed at the Antonelli Bakery.  Who else would the BBC approach to tell them about cones manufacture other than the UK specialist? Sue explained how delicious our Smoothy® waffle cones taste, even without ice cream. View the clip and read more about our BBC appearances.


Our forefathers were successful because they were pioneers in the industry at the time. Their dedication and insight provided the foundation for us to continue to build and invest to proudly take the family business to the next level.  As our mission statement suggests we are always looking to innovate whilst maintaining our traditionally high standards.  Our investment in the Antonelli Gelato Academy, has enabled us to provide ice cream training courses, illustrating our commitment to the market we serve and our dedication to supporting our customers. We embrace technological change as you will see with our continuous development on this website. You also can follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook