Kit Beso Doble Gelato

Be captivated by Beso Doble, the gelato inspired by the seductive desserts “Baci di Dama”: two luscious lips of biscuit meet, united by the desire for chocolate. All the passion of a kiss in a flavour.

This flavour is a passionate encounter between the softness of the HAZELNUT, the decisiveness of the COCOA and the intense variegate of DARK CHOCOLATE.

A double step of sweetness on crunchy notes of cocoa biscuit grains and roasted whole almonds, for a bacio flavour gelato.

The most provocative novelty for your showcase.
Quality and outstanding lusciousness.
A careful selection and expert processing of the raw materials.


The kit consists in

No. 1 x 4, 5 Kg barrier bucket of BESO DOBLE PASTE

No. 1x 4, 5 Kg barrier bucket of BESO DOBLE VARIEGATE


150 g of Beso Doble Paste + 1 Kg of white base

Add 150 g of Beso Doble Paste for every Kg of white base and batch freeze the mixture.

Variegate with Beso Doble Variegate.

  • Unit (kg) 8.6Kg

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