Our People

Working for Antonelli is becoming an extended member of the Antonelli family.  We take great pride in nuturing 'our people' and ensuring they have the best support and opportunities to extend their knowledge and experience.  With training courses as well as on the job training, at Antonelli we encourage all our personnel to become passionate about the ice cream industry. We realise that if you love what you do then you do a great job.  Keeping our employees satisfied ultimately means customer satisfaction.  If you are interested in joining the Antonelli family then see the contact us page.

People are at the heart of our business.

Our People
  • Along with his two brothers, Roland was a founder member of Antonelli Bros, after they decided to break away from the family biscuit company (IBC) in order to specialise in ice cream cones, in 1961. Although Roland officially retired in 1997, leaving his sons in charge, he is still involved with the business and can often be found in the office or experimenting with cone ideas in the factory.
    Roland Antonelli
  • "Having grown up understanding the ice cream cone business, Mark gained experience in sales outside the industry before joining the family company. Mark has over 20 yrs experience in the business, he is responsible for many areas but most especially technical support for customers and it is fair to say he knows the market inside out."
    Mark Antonelli
    Sales & Technical Director
  • "David has lived ice cream cones since he was a boy but then followed his interests in engineering.  After a period in the army followed by participation in Sainsbury’s graduation scheme, David then joined the family business and has been running cone production with military precision for 20 years."
    David Antonelli
    Production Director
  • Gabbie is meticulous in her role, working very closely with the warehouse, production and sales teams to ensure your orders are processed as efficiently as possible. Gabbie has previous experience in order processing & credit control, with qualifications in Accounts and Business & Finance. Gabbie enjoys talking to all our customers and understanding their individual requirements.
    Gabbie Ryder
    Customer Services Manager
  • "As part of the Antonelli management, Gary oversees the national sales initiative. With many years experience in sales in the food industry he brings fresh insights & ideas to the team. Key driving factors for Gary are maintaining open lines of communication & focussing on customers as the heart of our business."
    Gary Brooks
    National Sales Manager
  • "Educated to degree level, Jonnathan is a charismatic individual who loves to engage with others, making him ideal for a role in business development & sales. Using his ever growing ice cream knowledge he genuinely wants to help his customers and build long term relationships. Oh and he loves ice cream!"
    Jonnathan Ireland
    Sales Manager
  • "With 20 years sales management expertise, Michelle has a wealth of experience working with independent businesses, looking to differentiate their offering.  Genuinely excited to be working in the ice cream industry, Michelle’s passion is looking after people and providing a high level of customer service; an approach which also underpins the Antonelli philosophy."
    Michelle Williams
    Sales Manager
  • "Ryan has the skills & knowledge gained within a broad spectrum of sales, retail management & entrepreneurship, along with experience in the ice cream sector itself.  Ryan has a particular passion for food and enjoys sharing that with customers and taking a genuine interest in the techniques & recipes used to make artisan ice cream & gelato."
    Ryan Cox
    Sales Manager
  • Scottish born and bred, Pearl has a wealth of experience in sales and customer service across Scotland.  Centrally based, Pearl is Antonelli’s inaugural Scottish Sales Manager, and she is well acquainted with assisting customers from independents to wholesalers, so if you are a gelateria in Scotland look out for Pearl in your region.
    Pearl Rowan
    Sales Manager
  • Demis Metwaly is a multi-lingual ice cream specialist, with experience in all aspects of gelato production and serving. He understands the importance of getting the right balance of ingredients, perfecting timings, and using the right process to create the best gelato, whether on an artisan or industrial scale. Demis provides our ice cream training courses at Antonelli's National Training & Demonstration Centre.
    Demis Metwaly
    National Technical Manager